Independence Day Image Contest is conducting Image Contest for its community members. Join and Participate in Image Contest for Cash Prize Award. Checkout the rules of Image Contest mentioned below:

A) Image Contest is open for All registered members on our website.
B) Image Contest is only for images with Category Indian Independence Day.
C) Images with related to Indian Independece Day is eligible for the contest. 
D) Images of Freedom Fighters, Indian Natonal Flag, Mother India etc are some examples of eligible Images for the contest.
E) Idependence Day Image Contest will end on 15th August, 2021 midnight.
F) To be winner for this contest, members have to post Indian Independence related images and should have got more likes for their image.
G) Independece Day Image which gets more likes will be awarded Cash Prize of INR.1000/-
F) Winner will be contacted by the Admin to provide the winning award.

We wish our members best wishes for the contest.